CALL FOR PROPOSALS - ECPMF2014 European Centre for Press and Media Freedom

The 2013 call invited proposals that address violations of media freedom and pluralism
by providing practical support to journalists. The present call builds on last year's call.
Therefore, the proposals should not duplicate specific activities currently ongoing in this
field. In particular, the proposals should aim at providing a platform that coordinates
this type of activities. The new call should therefore complement existing efforts through
additional measures, as required.
Therefore, the present call invites proposals that can fill in gaps and add value to the
projects already launched. In particular they will (1) contribute to addressing challenges
faced by journalists in the exercise of their work and (2) monitor and coordinate existing
activities in this field. Ideally, the proposals would encompass both aspects. In particular
they should cover the following tasks:
(1) As regards challenges faced by journalists:
- monitoring and documenting violations of media freedom and pluralism with respect to
- providing an alarm centre for acute cases, for instance by organising support for
journalists who need help;
- organising networking activities among media practitioners;
- disseminating knowledge in this field;
- cooperating with players carrying ongoing activities in this field;
- promoting instruments, such as the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, relevant to
media freedom and pluralism.
(2) As regards monitoring and coordinating ongoing activities:
- delivering reports on activities related to:
the promotion of journalistic freedom,
the assistance provided to journalists,
the organisation of a system to, for example, provide legal help to journalists;
- coordinating such activities. These can include activities not funded by the European
- sharing documents on best practices or lessons learned from this type of actions.

Eligible activities
Types of activities eligible under this call for proposals.
- studies, analyses, mapping projects;
- monitor and document violations of media freedom and pluralism, with a particular
focus on impeding or restricting journalistic activities
- awareness and dissemination actions; 
- prepare reports of such violations taking account of the need to ensure anonymity
where appropriate
- raise awareness for violations of media freedom and pluralism, including through the
organisation of public events and dissemination of information inter alia through a
- actions aiming at the creation and improving of networks, exchanges of good practices
and coordination;
- provide a point of contact for journalists and other professionals from the media sector
who experience or experienced violations of media freedom and pluralism
- financial support to third parties 
- explore ways to provide support to journalists facing challenges from such violations
and organise support as appropriate
- prepare written documentation of successful approaches towards organising and
providing such support
- training activities;
- organise related trainings
Implementation period:
The maximum duration of projects under this call is twelve months;
Applications for projects scheduled to run for a longer period than that specified in this
call for proposals will not be accepted

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