Supporting Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship education (Pan-European entrepreneurial learning initiative)

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Budget: €350,000
Deadline Date: 20-08-2014
Programme: Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs (COSME)
MAX Co-funding rate: 90
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The ambition is to support a network and a virtual hub on entrepreneurial learning. Its members will act as promoters of entrepreneurship education at European level, helping to increase the exchange of information and good practice and to improve the coherency and synergies between the many initiatives taken nationally and regionally.


The action will include:

- The creation of an interactive on-line tool for policy makers and experts in the field, where participants will be able to exchange information and practices, and to promote entrepreneurial learning at European level;

- The selection and presentation of inspiring examples of policy initiatives and strategies adopted at national and regional level, to be made available to policy makers and to all those who are interested in developing entrepreneurial learning;

- The organisation of peer-learning events targeting in particular those managers and officials in public administrations who have the task or the ambition to develop entrepreneurial learning in their country or region;

- The development and dissemination of agreed instruments to collect information on the state of entrepreneurship education and on the assessment of its impact, based on work already carried out at European level (i.e. expert groups, studies and projects supported by the Commission).

Expected impact

A more systematic structure for the exchange of information and experience. Entrepreneurship as a basic feature in curricula. Creation of a framework for monitoring progress accordingly to the indicators. The impact would be measured by the number of members of the Network and the quality of their participation, as well as the number, quality and relevance of inspiring policy practices or outreach activities that will be proposed and disseminated, and other denominators.

Looking for partners

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