HORIZON 2020 EURATOM Tool for the fast and reliable prediction of severe accident progression and anticipation of the source term of a nuclear accident

15 Specific Challenge: The fast and reliable prediction of severe accident progression and the anticipation of the source term in case of severe accident is of paramount importance for the protection of people in triggering the appropriate response to a nuclear emergency. [read more]

Japan Research and Development Cooperation in Net Futures Experimentation and development on federated Japan - EU testbeds

20 Specific Challenge: Connecting, federating and sharing experimental platforms and testbeds in Europe with NICT's orchestrated Smart ICT testbed in order to carry-out global large-scale experimentations. [read more]

Blue Economy Innovation: examples of EU marine research

21 The European Commission today set out proposals to support "Innovation in the Blue Economy" (see [read more]

International partnership building and support to dialogues with high income countries

22 Specific Challenge: The challenge is to provide for discussions with third countries on areas of common interest and to provide support to collaboration within the ICT research and innovation domains. [read more]

Novel materials by design for substituting critical materials

23 Specific challenge:Many technologies with significant socio-economic benefits face material requirements that are, or may be, problematic due to their instable, insecure or price-volatile supply. [read more]

LEIT-Space-Competitivenessof the European Space Sector-2015

24 Topic:Technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness Specific challenge:The space sector is a strategic asset contributing to the independence, security and prosperity of Europe and its role in the world. [read more]

MOBILITY for GROWTH 2014-2015

25 International cooperation in aeronautics with ChinaSpecific challenge: In order to leverage resources, mitigate risks and establish long term relationships, the European aeronautics sector should identify topics of common interest and mutual benefit with other regions of the world, in particular where these address societal challenges such as a worldwide safe and environmental-friendly air transport system, common standards (including for environmental aspects) and win-win situations for technological development. [read more]