Transnational projects on children's rights in judicial proceedings – Action grants 2014

Budget: 700.000
Deadline Date: 11-12-2014
Programme: Justice Programme
Intro: This call for proposals for action grants is based on the 2014 annual work programme1 of the Pilot Project “Raising awareness of children to be aware of their rights in judicial procedures”
Budget description: The requested grant should not be higher than EUR 350.000 or lower than EUR 75.000
MAX Co-funding rate: 80%
Regions: EU Member States
Eligibility conditions: The applicant must be non-profit-oriented
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The projects should include interactive activities (such as mock trials/moot courts) that
allow secondary school students or assimilated to understand their rights, with some degree of customisation for each participating country to take account of the nationalcontext, and taking account of relevant EU legislation and the Council of Europe
Guidelines on child-friendly justice. Applicants should also take account of the findings
of the Study to collect data on children's involvement in criminal, civil and administrative
judicial proceedings, for which the criminal justice EU summary was published. Projects should enable children to experience the phases of mock criminal, civil or administrative cases, and improve their understanding of the various roles and
responsibilities (e.g. child subject to or party to proceedings, witness, guardian, parent,
lawyer, prosecutor, judge, social worker, police officer, etc.) as well as their own rights.
In order to ensure optimal implementation of the projects, they must be prepared together
with and involve children, teachers and/or staff in a participatory and empowering
manner and have the prior commitment of participating schools/structures to facilitate the
activities. The actual involvement of judicial and other practitioners who deal with real
life cases involving children would be welcome.
Projects should also aim to gather anonymised feedback from the participants and share it
with the relevant practitioners in the Member States concerned, and with the European
Commission, with a view to improving child-friendly justice practices in the Member
As this project will involve direct contact with children, the applicant must describe
the child protection policy it will adhere to .
Proposals under the priority of this call for proposals must make provisions to document
the number of children, teachers and/or staff reached, as well as the number of judicial
and other practitioners involved or reached, providing anonymised data disaggregated by
gender and by age and must describe in their grant application how this will be done.
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