Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations

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Budget: EUR 4 000 000
Deadline Date: 09-07-2015
Programme: Employment and Social innovation Programme
Budget description: The Union funding per project will not be less than EUR 108.000.
MAX Co-funding rate: 90
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In line with the remarks in the budget of the European Union, budget heading
04 03 01 08 is intended to cover actions to support industrial relations, in particular
those designed to develop expertise and the exchange of EU-relevant information, as
well as actions to improve knowledge on industrial relations institutions and practices
across the EU and dissemination of results.
"Industrial relations" concern the collective – rather than individual – aspects of the
employment relationship between workers, employers and their respective
representatives. This includes the tripartite dimension where public authorities (at
different levels) are involved. As such, industrial relations refer to the set of rules
governing employment and relations at the workplace, together with the ways in which
the rules are made, changed, interpreted and implemented by trade unions, employers
and the state.
Against this background, the overarching objective of this call is to improve expertise
and knowledge on industrial relations, in particular through activities of analysis and
research, at EU level as well as in comparative terms (identifying convergences and
differences in the industrial relations systems in place in the EU Member States and in
Candidate Countries), thereby contributing to developing and reinforcing quality and
effectiveness of industrial relations structures and processes in the Member States and
in Europe as a whole.
Projects building on key findings of the European Commission’s Industrial Relations in
Europe series1 and/or providing potential contributions to future analysis on industrial
relation systems are a high priority.
Industrial relations analysis that contributes to the priorities and activities of European
social dialogue, including those that form part of the European Commission's
commitment to relaunch and strengthen social dialogue, will be welcome. In that
context, particular emphasis is put on strengthening the involvement of social partners
in the European Semester, enhancing their contribution to EU policy making, and on
promoting industrial relations capacity building for social partners at national level.
Objectives of this call include measures and initiatives linked to the adaptation of
industrial relations systems to changes in employment and work related challenges.
As such, by improving expertise and knowledge on industrial relations the financed
measures should contribute to the overarching EU employment and social policy
challenges as laid down in particular in:
 the Strategy Europe 2020: A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth
(COM(2010)2020) and the European Council Conclusions of 25-26 March 2010 and
17 June 2010;
 the Commission Communication Strengthening the social dimension of the Economic
and Monetary Union (COM(2013)690);
 the Annual Growth Survey, the Joint Employment Report and the recommendations
addressed to the Member States in the context of the European Semester;
 the Political Guidelines presented by Jean-Claude Juncker in the Agenda for Jobs,
Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change and the Commission Work Programmes.
Strengthening synergies and exchanges between European social partners and academia
and research centres is a horizontal objective.
The budget heading can be used to finance actions involving partners from the
Candidate Countries2.
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