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Deadline Date: 26-06-2015
Programme: Employment and Social innovation Programme
MAX Co-funding rate: 95
Applicants: EURES member organisations (i.e. National Coordination Offices, EURES partners and associated partners), public or private labour market actors (including the third sector); „h Providing the same services as lead applicants and/or complementary customer-o
Regions: EU Member States „o EFTA/EEA countries, in accordance with the EEA Agreement (Iceland and Norway)
Eligibility conditions: To be eligible, actions must: „h be presented by a consortium composed of a minimum of seven organisations established in at least seven different EU28 Member States or other EaSI-EURES participating countries (see 5.2.2 below). At least five of these org
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Selected projects in the framework of this call for proposals should support and finance the following groups:
„h young people (aged 18-35) willing to find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship and move to another Member State;
„h employers and SMEs in particular when these provide an integration programme for their newly-recruited young mobile workers, trainees or apprentices.
The action will be "outcome" driven. Granted projects should be able to ensure the highest possible number of quality work placements. The expected result is estimated around at least 2500 the work placements of young people in the EU EFTA/EEA countries, other than their country of residence throughout the duration of selected projects.
Proposals submitted under this call shell clearly indicate the expected outcome in the area of youth placement, labour market integration services, after individual support and/or training measures. This information will be included in the "description of the action" (SWIM application). The expected outcome must be quantified in terms of expected placement/integration numbers in specific economic sectors.
Looking for partners

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