HORIZON 2020 Societal Challenges CALL – SMART CITIES AND COMMUNITIES Establishing networks of public procurers in local administrations on smart city solutions

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Budget: €92,320,000 H2020-SCC-2014
Deadline Date: 07-05-2014
Programme: Horizon 2020
MAX Co-funding rate: 100
Applicants: Research centres, Local and Regional authorities, SME
Regions: European Union, Candidate countries, European Economic Area
Eligibility conditions: One legal entity established in a Member State or associated country
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 The project should mainly

·      boost the market demand for smart city solutions by increasing consumer awareness about technologies and processes used in implementing smart city solutions.

·      act as lever through procurement and investment planning tools for local administrations and business, a

·      create better public acceptance and engagement.

·      ensure  the framework conditions for the participating organisations for organising joint, cross-border public procurements

·      encourage the public procurement bodies active in cities and communities through networks' activities, to increasingly become "launch customers" for innovative smart solutions which are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis and which may entail a higher risk than purchasing products that are already commercially widely available.

Looking for partners

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