Budget: EUR 5.000.000
Deadline Date: 19-03-2014
Programme: Justice Programme
Budget description: The EU grant applied for shall be reasonable and proportionate to the proposed activities. There is no maximum limit, but a minimum limit: the grant applied for cannot be less than EUR 100.000.
MAX Co-funding rate: 90
Applicants: The applicant must be legally established in an eligible country.
Regions: EU Member States
Eligibility conditions: The Applicant must have appropriate competencies and experience to implement the proposed action and to maintain its activities during its period of implementation. The key staff involved in the project (Applicant and Partners) must have the necessary
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Projects shall focus on the following priorities:

  • Priority code EPSD: supporting the implementation of the European Pact against Synthetic Drugs, with a specific focus on new psychoactive substances (NPS). Including on: 
    • building the knowledge base on the supply chain for NPS (including internet supply chain); 
    • developing forensic analysis of NPS and facilitating structural cooperation among the competent authorities involved, to support the identification and risk assessment of substances; 
    • sharing best practice of handling of NPS-related cases by police at local level
  • Priority code TRN: joint training programmes for law enforcement authorities to enhance the EU's capacity to target drug trafficking, including on the EU's external borders;
  • Priority code PLAT: creation of and support to regional law enforcement cooperation platforms facilitating the exchange of operational information and information on technical assistancefor capacity building, to prevent and curb drug related crime;
  • Priority code DISM: dismantling of storage and production facilities for illicit synthetic drugs and for cocaine secondary extraction;
  • Priority code EPDT: supporting the implementation of the European Pact on international drug trafficking.

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