Not-for-profit European sport events

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Budget: 1 507 300 000
Deadline Date: 14-03-2013
Deadline Date Stage 2: 15-05-2013
Programme: Erasmus+
Budget description: Erasmus+
Applicants: Any public body or non-profit organisation active in the field of sport, established in a Programme Country. For example, such organisation can be (non-exhaustive list):  a public body in charge of sport at local, regional or national level;  a sport
Regions: European Union, Candidate countries, New Independant States, Switzerland, Additional information : Candidate countries: Turkey, Macedonia
Eligibility conditions: A not-for-profit European sport event involves participants from at least 12 different Programme Countries.
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This Action is aimed to:

  • support the implementation, in the field of sport, of EU strategies in the areas of social inclusion and equal opportunities, notably the EU Gender Equality Strategy and the EU Disability Strategy;
  • support the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines, to encourage participation in sport and physical activity;
  • upport the possible organisation of the European Week of Sport.

Looking for partners

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