Further EU support for southern Neighbourhood to boost socio-economic development

The European Union (EU) has recently adopted an assistance package worth €45 million to support development and cooperation with a number of southern Neighbourhood partner countries. The main aim of this new financing is to address socio economic priorities expressed by the people through concrete bilateral actions in Jordan, Libya and Tunisia which will directly benefit citizens in these countries and will bring tangible results in the fields of agriculture, environment, migration and education. In Jordan, this support will also aim to mitigate the consequences of the Syria refugee crisis in the country.

Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle, stated: “Since 2011 the EU has supported in particular socio-economic development in Southern Neighbourhood countries. This new support is a proof of our continued commitment to this goal. It is also a testimony of the EU standing by our partners in facing the challenges arising from the continuous and increasing influx of migrants and refugees from countries within and outside the region. The EU can play a central role in these issues by sharing its experience and assisting our neighbours in improving the living conditions of both their citizens and the migrants and refugees.”


This assistance is provided through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) and will provide support projects in the following southern Neighbourhood partner countries:

  1. JordanThe EU will provide support to the Jordanian education and wastewater sectors for a total of €20 million. This money is part of €400 million support package to mitigate the effects of the Syrian crisis, previously announced by the EU in the Joint Communication of 24 June 2013, which is now under implementation in the region. €10 million will help to reduce the pressure on local education services due to the increasing number of Syrian refugees settling in the northern governorate. The remaining €10 million will contribute to the protection of water resources in Jordanian host communities in order to reduce health risks caused by inadequately treated wastewater and to reduce household expenditures.

  • Libya: With €10 million, the EU will contribute to the establishment of a human rights-based migration management and asylum system in the country. This programme will address the need for strengthening public institutions to guarantee that migrants are treated with full respect of human rights and human dignity and be guaranteed international protection. It will also aim to improve living conditions for migrants in retention facilities. This programme is in line with the increased EU efforts to work with North African countries on migration issues, following the December 2013 Communication on migration in the Mediterranean.

  1. Tunisia: The EU will provide €10 million for agricultural and rural development in Tunisia as part of the Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) with the aim of sharing EU best practices and providing farmers and producers with the necessary skills to actively participate in reducing the vulnerability of poor and marginalised households.

    In addition, €5 million will support the efforts of the Tunisian authorities in the field of environmental governance in the Gabes region. The project aims to increase public awareness regarding pollution in the region and contribute to better management of industrial waste, while improving the participation of local stakeholders in the decision-making process.

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