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Deadline Date: 15-09-2014
Programme: Life programme
MAX Co-funding rate: 60%
Applicants: Research centres, Local and Regional authorities, Schools, Corporations, Training centres, Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Development NGOs, SMEs, Universities, Associations
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Technical Assistance (TA) projects provide, by way of action grants, financial support to help applicants prepare Integrated Projects (IPs). A maximum of 1 % of the yearly budget allocated to Integrated Projects may be made available to Technical Assistance projects. The maximum EU contribution per Technical Assistance project is fixed at 100,000 €. The amount available for co-financing Technical Assistance projects in 2014 will be 566,163 €.
According to Article 2 of the LIFE Regulation, Technical Assistance projects are supposed to ensure that the Integrated Projects (IP) which they prepare comply with the timing, technical and financial requirements of the LIFE Programme in coordination with funds referred to in Article 8(3).
1.3 Scope of Technical Assistance projects to be co-financed under LIFE
Technical Assistance projects have to aim at the preparation of a future IP proposal and the applicant must not be a Member State entity which receives financing for a Capacity Building project which covers at least a part of the period to be covered by the Technical Assistance project. This basically means that a coordinating beneficiary who already has an ongoing Capacity Building project is not eligible for a Technical Assistance project and vice versa.

Integrated Projects are projects implementing on a large territorial scale, in particular, regional, multi-regional, national or trans-national scale, certain specific environmental or climate plans or strategies required by specific Union environmental or climate legislation, developed pursuant to other Union acts or developed by Member States' authorities, primarily in the areas of nature, including, inter alia, Natura 2000 network management, water, waste, air and climate change mitigation and adaptation, while ensuring involvement of stakeholders and promoting the coordination with and mobilisation of at least one other relevant Union, national or private funding source.
Applicants are strongly advised to refer to the document "LIFE Integrated Projects: Guidelines for Applicants 2014".
Looking for partners

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