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Budget: EUR 27 million over the period 2014-2020
Deadline Date: 19-03-2014
Programme: Creative Europe
Budget description: The maximum grant per specific agreement awarded under the framework partnership agreement will be EUR 250 000 per year
MAX Co-funding rate: 80%
Applicants: Applicant organisations must be active in the cultural and creative sectors
Regions: European Union, Candidate countries, European Economic Area ,The Swiss Confederation , countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy
Eligibility conditions: Networks shall consist of at least 15 member organisations (legal persons) legally established in at least 10 different countries
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The main objectives of the support for European networks are: 
- to offer co-financing in order to implement activities aiming at strengthening the capacity of 
the cultural and creative sectors to operate trans-nationally and internationally and to adapt to 
- to offer co-financing with a view to achieving the general objectives of fostering and 
promoting cultural and linguistic diversity and strengthening the competitiveness of the 
cultural and creative sectors, also through the promotion of innovation. 
The support for European networks is intended to have a structuring effect on players in the cultural 
and creative sectors and therefore a limited number of networks with broad coverage will be supported 
across a balanced range of sub-sectors. Greater synergies between existing networks in order to 
reinforce their organisational and financial structure and avoid duplication of efforts would be 
welcomed, where feasible.
Looking for partners

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