Objective: The Research Programme for the Research Fund for Coal and Steel supports research activities aimed at the following objectives defined for coal:

  1. Improving the competitive position of Community coal(Coal 1)
  2. Health and safety in mines(Coal 2)
  3. Efficient protection of the environment and improvement of the use of coal as a clean energy source (Coal 3)
  4. Management of external dependence on energy supply(Coal 4)

Scope:Proposals must relate to the production, preparation, conversion or utilisation of coal*.

*the definition of "coal" given under Art. 3 of the RFCS Legal Basis applies

Expected impact:Coal is both a key ingredient in steel production, and is needed as a source of energy to ensure Europe has a secure supply. 40% of world electricity generation derives from coal. Coal remains the main energy source for some EU countries (93% of Polish electricity is produced from coal). There is no doubt that this resource finds a preeminent role in a balanced energy mix for Europe. Consequently, Europe must develop critical clean coal technologies, carbon sequestration technology for existing and future coal-fired plants for electricity production, and increased efficiency in the entire extraction and utilisation cycle.

Type of action:

  1. Research projects (RFCS-RPJ)
  2. Pilot and demonstration projects (RFCS-PDP)
  3. Accompanying measures (RFCS-AM)

Technical groups relevant to the Coal topic:

  1. TGC1 : Coal mining operation, mine infrastructure and management, unconventional use of coal deposits
  2. TGC2 : Coal preparation, conversion and upgrading
  3. TGC3 : Coal combustion, clean and efficient coal technologies, CO2 capture
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