HORIZON 2020 Industrial Leadership Enhancing SME innovation capacity by providing better innovation support Measuring open innovation inputs and outputs in SMEs

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Budget: €2,300,000 H2020-INNOSUP-2015-3
Deadline Date: 21-01-2015
Programme: Horizon 2020
MAX Co-funding rate: 100
Applicants: Research centres, Local and Regional authorities, SME
Regions: European Union, Candidate countries, European Economic Area
Eligibility conditions: One legal entity established in a Member State or associated country
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The project will develop methodologies to gather, measure and analyse data on open innovation. Subsequently the project will carry out practical testing of methodologies and indicators to describe the importance and characteristics of open innovation across countries, industrial sectors, firm size and then develop recommendations for their further use. Specifically the activity will comprise the following elements:

- Stocktaking of available open innovation indicators, indices and methodologies (in particular those developed by the European Commission, OECD or private data). Assessment of their relevance and effectiveness for use as measures of innovation activities and innovation performance in SMEs, taking into consideration intensity and quality of collaboration.

- Development of quantitative tools to present evidence and impact of open-innovation in SMEs. Open innovation studies are dominated by qualitative approaches, drawing heavily on in-depth interviews and case-studies. In order to move beyond qualitative and incidental evidence, empirical measure should be developed and validated to test the relationship between business performance and open innovation in larger samples of firms.

- Identification of policy conditions to make open innovation a reality in SMEs. The erosion of the closed innovation system has also resulted in a larger role for SMEs in the industrial innovation system. Development of public policy guidelines that are in line with the open innovation paradigm, i.e. education and human capital development, transition of funding models towards open innovation systems, competition policy, industrial policy.

The duration of this action will be one year.

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