Project(s) for a web-based platform on female genital mutilation – Action grants 2014

Budget: 900.000
Deadline Date: 08-01-2015
Programme: Justice Programme
Intro: This call for proposals for one or several action grant(s) is based on the 2014 annual work programme1 of the Pilot Project “Knowledge platform for professionals dealing with female genital mutilation”.
MAX Co-funding rate: 80%
Applicants: The applicant must be non-profit-oriented
Regions: EU Member States
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The development and maintenance of an online platform including:
(a) e-learning course on the different aspects of FGM
Specific objective: upon completing the course, those who have followed it should have
an in-depth factual knowledge of FGM. They should furthermore be able to identify girls
and women at risk of FGM. They should also know how to ensure girls' and women's
protection and how to support victims effectively and respectfully. The course should
therefore include at least: definitions, origin, prevalence, sociocultural context,
consequences, legal aspects, link to gender equality, human rights, child's rights, etc. A
gender and culture-sensitive approach is required.
The target groups for this course should primarily be professionals potentially in contact
with girls and women at risk or victims of FGM:
 persons working in the health sector (e.g. nurses, doctors, gynaecologists or

 persons working in law enforcement and in the judiciary (e.g. police officers,
lawyers or judges);
 persons working in the child protection system (e.g. social workers, child care
 persons working in education (e.g. teachers and educators);
 persons working in the asylum and migration sector (e.g. asylum officials or legal
 the media.
Activities: The project should focus on developing cost-free, user-friendly, interactive,
easy-accessible, online course modules. The course should consider available materials
and trainings, and find a way of integrating these materials or ensuring links, so as to
avoid duplication. The content should be relevant for all EU Member States and it should
be available in the official languages of the EU Member States where communities
affected by FGM live (covering at least 10 of the most affected EU Member States). The
different modules should be tailored to the different needs of the target groups.
(b) country specific information pages
Specific objective: Develop easily accessible information relevant to different groups
needing immediate advice or general knowledge on FGM.
Target groups: Professionals potentially in contact with women or girls at risk of FGM,
as listed above ); women and girls affected by FGM;
Activities: develop webpages with country specific information including relevant
legislation (national legislation and EU legislation), prevalence, relevant organisations or
contact points, support services for victims and, if available, guidelines for professionals.
Those pages should be available for the EU Member States where communities affected
by FGM live, in the official languages of those countries (covering at least 10 of the most
affected EU Member States).
Maintenance of this online platform should also be ensured, once it
has been completed and launched. Throughout the duration of the project regular updates
to make sure information is relevant and up-to-date, as well as its proper technical
functioning, need to be included.
The dissemination of the above-mentioned platform
The proposals should include at least:
- a clear dissemination strategy and implementation plan demonstrating how the
applicant will ensure that the various target groups are made aware of the existence of
the platform and use it, focusing on relevant EU-countries where women and girls
affected by FGM live9
. Relevant Ministries dealing with FGM in these countries should
also be informed. A planning should be included of how the dissemination strategy will
be implemented. This should include different milestones: how and when the various
target groups will be contacted and the ensuring of regular follow-up throughout the
duration of the project. Indicators for measuring the success of the dissemination strategy
should be included.
focusing on the countries covered by the on-line platform.
- a description of how the most relevant stakeholders will be actively involved in the
project. These stakeholders should include as a minimum, leading national NGOs
specialised in FGM, representatives of some of the target groups mentioned under 2.2.1
a), representatives of the media, academic experts on FGM, government experts on
FGM, relevant international organisations. The description should cover how it will be
ensured that these stakeholders will provide their input into the development of the
project and how this input will be taken into account.
The monitoring and evaluation of the platform
The preparation, development, implementation and maintenance of the platform should
be carefully monitored. The results of the project should be evaluated, in particular in
view of a follow-up by the European Commission.
Proposals under all priorities must make provisions to document the number of persons
reached, provide anonymised data disaggregated by gender and by age and must describe
in their grant application how this will be done.
The following types of activities will not be funded by the Commission:
- individual sponsorships/scholarships for participation in workshops, seminars,
conferences, congresses, training courses etc.;
- activities supporting individual political parties;
- provision of financial support to third parties;
- legal actions before national or international courts regardless of their grounds or
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