Daphne call – Transnational projects on violence against women, young people and children linked to harmful practices

Budget: EUR 4.500.000
Deadline Date: 03-06-2015
Programme: Rights, Equality and Citizenship
Budget description: The EU grant requested cannot be lower than EUR 75.000
Applicants: The project must be transnational and must be submitted by a partnership of eligible organisations (i.e. applicant and partners ) from at least three different eligible countries
Regions: all the EU Member States; Iceland.
Eligibility conditions: The applicant must be non-profit-oriented. This will be assessed on the basis of the statutes of the organisation, in particular whether those allow for the possibility to distribute profit to members/shareholders. Bodies and organisations which are profi
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The priority of the call will be to combat and prevent violence linked to harmful practices, such as female genital mutilation, forced or early marriage or forced sexual relationships, and so-called "honour crimes" committed against women, young people and children. This call will fund activities aiming at:
1. promoting an integrated approach, including through the development and rollout of multi-sectorial guides and protocols for child protection system actors and other actors (e.g. health sector, law enforcement, education and childcare, justice,victim support services) in contact with victims or potential victims of harmful practices;
2. raising awareness and changing attitudes among relevant communities, including through dialogue, mutual learning and exchange of good practice

Projects under the first priority should be developed in consultation with end beneficiary groups, while projects under the second priority must incorporate direct participation of relevant communities, with a particular focus given to engaging men, community leaders, religious leaders and victims from practising communities. Creating appropriate links with countries of origin, in particular in order to capitalise on initiatives and encourage social change in practising countries, is encouraged as well as including organisations of these countries in the partnership as associate partners.
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