Support to the development of Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Albania

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Budget: 700,000 (EUR)
Deadline Date: 09-09-2014
Programme: Development Cooperation Instrument
Applicants: Only Public Administrations and Mandated bodies
Regions: EU Member States
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Project purpose:
Support the further development and consolidation of mediation and arbitration services in Albania
The following ahead challenges have been identified in the framework of this project:
- Harmonization of the Mediation Law with the Code of Criminal Procedure, to facilitate the
referral of cases to mediation by judges and prosecutors, judicial police officers, especially
cases involving juveniles in conflict with the law.
- Enhancement of the public awareness, for better understanding of restorative justice and
mediation service, as a legal alternative of dispute resolution.
- Include a greater number of juvenile offenders, juvenile victims and community in
restorative programs as possible.
- Make overall efforts to overcome the parties’ reluctance to be expressed, even when the
minors or juveniles are involved in conflicting situations. Such attitude of the parties is
influenced by different factors, like social, cultural background, etc.
- Providing the most appropriate conditions for the realization of a professional and
successful process of mediation for the cases referred and facilitated by mediators.
- Information and education of children and youth in the pre-university education with
knowledge in the area of conflict and dispute resolution through restorative practices.
- Simplification of the mechanism of referral and accompanying documentation for cases
referred and mediated.

Looking for partners

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