HORIZON 2020 Societal Challenges MOBILITY for GROWTH 2014 -2015 single stages A Support to European Aviation Research and Innovation Policy

29 Specific challenge: The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) identified a number of domains where policy support is needed. [read more]

Call for proposals to support European road safety actions aimed at tackling problems related to vulnerable road users, children, elderly and young drivers

47 The objective of this call is to support actions that contribute to improve road safety forvulnerable road users, children, elderly people and young drivers. [read more]

Collaborative partnerships in the sport field

49 Collaborative Partnerships offer the opportunity to develop, transfer and/or implement innovative practices in different areas relating to sport and physical activity between various organisations and actors in and outside sport, including in particular public authorities at local, regional, national and European levels, sport organisations, sport-related organisations and educational bodies. [read more]

Invitation to submit activity plan for eTwinning National Support Services for 2014

70 The general objectives of eTwinning to which the National Support Services have to contribute are as follows:to support and further develop the networking of schools and teachers in Europe;to make it possible for all schools in Europe to build pedagogical projects with schools from other countries;to promote innovative cooperation methods and transfer of quality educational approaches and to reinforce language learning and intercultural dialogue;to contribute to the professional development of teachers through their active participation in collaborative projects, communities of practice and specific training activities; to foster the updating of teachers' professional skills in the pedagogical and collaborative use of ICT. [read more]

Civil Society Facility - Civic Initiative and Capacity Building Albania

73 The global objective of this Call for Proposals is to encourage the active participation of civil society inpolicy-making and contributing to the fulfilment of Albania's obligations under the EU Albania Stabilisationand Association Agreement. [read more]

Urban transport: Commission awards funding to 19 European actions to get people to "do the right mix"

74 The European Commission has announced today 19 actions which will receive funding under the Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign ‘ [read more]

LIFE Environmental Governance and Information

75 LIFE Environmental Governance and Information aims specifically at contributing to the development and implementation of EU environmental policy and legislation. [read more]

Prevention of Corruption and Promotion of Ethics Grant Scheme (PCP) Turkey

76 The global objective of this Call for Proposals isto increase awareness in Turkish society on anti-corruption issues and ethical behavior. [read more]

HORIZON 2020 Health Co-ordination Activities Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases. Prevention and treatment of lung diseases

77 Specific challenge: The Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases will focus its 2015 call for implementation science proposals on lung diseases. [read more]

HORIZON 2020 Personalising health and care Health promotion and disease prevention: improved inter-sector co-operation for environment and health based interventions

78 Specific challenge: Better health promotion and disease prevention interventions can make a significant contribution to equitable health improvements and thus the sustainability of health and care systems. [read more]

HORIZON 2020 Personalising health and care Promoting mental wellbeing in the ageing population

79 Specific challenge:Health and care of the rapidly growing older population in Europe and elsewhere poses a number of specific challenges. [read more]

HORIZON 2020 Personalising health and care Piloting personalised medicine in health and care systems

80 Specificchallenge:Personalised medicine[1] has the potential to respond to, amongst others, the increasing burden of chronic disease and the complexity of co-morbidities and in doing so contribute to the sustainability of health and care systems. [read more]

HORIZON 2020 Societal Challenges BLUE GROWTH: UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF SEAS AND OCEANS Response capacities to oil spills and marine pollutions

81 Specific challenge:The development of deep sea resources exploitation (particularly offshore Oil and Gas) is moving maritime operations to extreme pressure and low temperature conditions, with many unknown factors and limited response capacity. [read more]

EU project helps monitor the environment around you

82 Do you want to track how much ozone, black carbon and other pollutants you are exposed to when out cycling or walking? [read more]

Support for social protection reforms

84 ObjectivesSocial protection systems in the EU differ significantly in the level, composition and type of spending,their sources of financing, and the outcomes they achieve. [read more]

Youth Guarantee: progress and achievements of 18 pilot projects

85 he European Commission is meeting with the coordinators of 18 [read more]

EU project hunts for natural substitutes to synthetics

86 The EU-funded AGROCOS project is foraging through the plant world for natural substitutes to synthetic ingredients currently used in cosmetics, and in agrochemical products such as insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. [read more]

Justice Programme & REC Programme – Framework Partnership Agreements 2015-2017 & Operating Grants 2015


Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation

88 Specific Challenge: The challenge is to harness the collaborative power of ICT networks (networks of people, of knowledge, of sensors) to create collective and individual awareness about the multiple sustainability threats which our society is facing nowadays at social, environmental and political levels. [read more]

Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects

89 Specific Challenge: The evolution of the Internet of Things embedded in Smart Environments and Platforms forming a web of "everythings" has been identified as one of the next big concepts to support societal changes and economic growth at an annual rate estimated at 20%. [read more]

New tools and methodologies to reduce the gap between predicted and actual energy performances at the level of buildings and blocks of buildings

90 Specific challenge:The monitoring of real energy use in energy-efficient buildings frequently shows major differences with respect to the predicted performance. [read more]

Integrated approach to retrofitting of residential buildings

91 Specific challenge:Europe is facing the challenge of deep rehabilitation of residential buildings (including buildings of historic value) while lowering the costs of refurbishment. [read more]

ICT-enabled modelling, simulation, analytics and forecasting technologies

92 Specific challenge:Simulating continuous and discrete manufacturing processes, forecasting the behaviour of manufacturing systems and processes, and designing products to an even larger extent through virtual mock-ups and optimization methods integrated in the design and production chain are key enablers for Europe's future manufacturing sector. [read more]

LEIT-Space-Competitivenessof the European Space Sector-2015

93 Topic:Technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness Specific challenge:The space sector is a strategic asset contributing to the independence, security and prosperity of Europe and its role in the world. [read more]

The Young Generation in an Innovative, Inclusive and Sustainable Europe

94 Topic: Lifelong learning for young adults: better policies for growth and inclusion in EuropeSpecific challenge: It is obvious that investing appropriately in lifelong learning will contribute to overcoming the economic and social crisis and meeting the Europe 2020 targets on employment, poverty reduction, education, sustainability, innovation. [read more]

Innovation ecosystems of digital cultural assets

95 Specific Challenge:The digital age has revolutionised our habits, behaviours and expectations. [read more]

Waste: A resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials

96 Eco-innovative solutionsSpecific challenge:The growing waste produced in Europe, particularly in urban areas, where the vast majority of the world population are expected to live by 2050, represents a cost for society and a burden on the environment and, at the same time, a valuable stock of resources that can be exploited. [read more]

Energy Efficiency Research & Innovation

97 Demand response in blocks of buildingsSpecific challenge:demand response enables end users to participate actively in energy markets and profit from optimal price conditions, making the grid (heat, cold, electricity) more efficient and contributing to the integration of renewable energy sources. [read more]

Energy Efficiency - Market Uptake

98 Increasing energy performance of existing buildings through process and organisation innovations and creating a market for deep renovationSpecificchallenge: The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive contain provisions to increase renovation rates, especially for public buildings. [read more]

New forms of innovation

99 ICT-enabled open governmentSpecific challenge:Public administrations need to address the new challenges posed by the evolution of society. [read more]

MOBILITY for GROWTH 2014-2015

100 International cooperation in aeronautics with ChinaSpecific challenge: In order to leverage resources, mitigate risks and establish long term relationships, the European aeronautics sector should identify topics of common interest and mutual benefit with other regions of the world, in particular where these address societal challenges such as a worldwide safe and environmental-friendly air transport system, common standards (including for environmental aspects) and win-win situations for technological development. [read more]

MOBILITY for GROWTH 2014-2015

101 Enhancing resource efficiency of aviationSpecific challenge: Aviation has an important impact on the environment and EU citizens due to emissions such as greenhouse gas (CO2), pollutants (NOx), particulate matter (e. [read more]

Extended Working Life and its Interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond

102 The call invites proposals for funding research into one or more of four broad topics:Modern work factorsLonger working life & InequalityHealth challengesCaring responsibilitiesResearch is expected to cross the traditional boundaries of Government departments and occupational sectors and to examine the implications of extending working life for older workers (50+), new labour markets, health, wellbeing and intergenerational equity. [read more]