Jean Monnet actions Chairs, modules, centres of excellence, support to institutions and associations, networks, projects

1 Jean Monnet Activities support the following Actions:Jean Monnet Modules (teaching and research);Jean Monnet Chairs (teaching and research);Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence (teaching and research);Jean Monnet Support to Institutions and Associations;Jean Monnet Networks (policy debate with the academic world);Jean Monnet Projects (policy debate with the academic world);The following sections of this Guide provide detailed information on the criteria and funding rules applying to the Jean Monnet Actions As regards the participants directly or indirectly involved in the Actions, Jean Monnet aims to produce the following outcomes:enhanced employability and improved career prospects for young graduates, by including or reinforcing a European dimension in their studies;increased interest in understanding and participating in the European Union, leading to a more active citizenship;support for young researchers (i. [read more]